29 things: What you wouldn’t know about me and what I’ve learned in 29 years....

29 matters: What you would not know about me and what I’ve uncovered in 29 years….


What you wouldn’t know about me: 

1. By nature I’m shy and reserved, particularly in a social environment. As I have gotten more mature, I have come out of my shell but it still helps make me awkward. 

2. That is why I connected with blogging so rapidly. I could be open up and link with other ladies, and it created it simple for the reason that there was a monitor barrier. 

3. I secretly have a semi very good voice ) and tunes, specifically church or faith tunes has normally been a large portion of my everyday living. I sing to my children each individual night time till they inform me to no a lot more or till they’ve fallen asleep. When I was youthful I listened to church music just about every night time on repeat as I fell asleep and I listen to it now when I’m driving. So calming and its where I reconnect and occur up with a whole lot of my ideal strategies for mothering, loved ones and my firms. 

4. I am this sort of a night time owl. My very best tips also appear to me late at night, my brain races. I’ve been making an attempt to get to mattress earlier for so extended and I’ve performed much better but I like keeping up. Normally until eventually 1 or 2am. When I was little I would remain up late and tinker close to in my space building items, drawing issues or arranging. I have normally been the last to go to mattress. Drew is a night time owl also so we devote some of our most high quality time late at evening conversing new ideas and long run programs/plans. 

5. Mornings are my favored portion of the day, clean and new. Which is amusing being that I’m a evening owl. 

6. A person of my most loved points to do in the full world is just acquiring dressed up and go to a restaurant. I get butterflies when we go. Drew asked what I needed for my birthday and I reported I want to go out to lunch with my kids immediately after preschool and I want to use a sequin costume to my favorite cafe for supper. 

7. I’m a homebody. I love becoming at home and I get a tinge of nervousness if I have to leave. In particular when I go someplace alone. So strange, normally been like this. Even when I was younger. 

8. I nonetheless slumber with my infant blanket. Her title is Marsha. I refer to ‘her’ as a individual. I take her on excursions with me. Took her to the healthcare facility when I experienced my infants. Just can’t rest devoid of her. 

9. I’m constantly cold. No make any difference what. My most loved location in my household is upcoming to my fireplace and my favourite spot in my office is upcoming to my space heater. Drew and I usually struggle about the thermostat temp ) 

10. In superior college I wore higher heels practically every day and I keep in mind considering to myself, I require to hold a journal of all my outfits…little did I know. 

11. I danced rising up and just one of my desires was to shift to Texas be Dallas cowboy cheerleader. My mom shut that desire really quickly though )

12. When I was more youthful I constantly wished so poorly for blonde hair. I considered I was not rather simply because all my buddies experienced blonde hair and I experienced dim hair. Now it’s one of my favorite characteristics. I really like how darkish and striking brunettes are and I wouldn’t trade it. 

13. My sisters and I will FaceTime or connect with just about every other and say absolutely almost nothing other than hello. We just place every single other on speaker and carry on what we’re executing even though the other is on the other line undertaking what they are carrying out. Our calls get so long. So unusual but we have usually carried out this. Or we will chat for 30 min, and by no means hold up. And just sit on the cellular phone with each and every other in silence. 

14. I’m super really hard on myself. Not in necessarily a negative way, but I’m continually trying to greater in all locations of my life. 

15. From Amy: You have a tender heart and you cry at church hymns

16. From Megan: You still pee your trousers when you chortle lol

17. From Emily: You performed barbies with Megan and Amy till you have been in large university  

What I’ve acquired:

18. I’m the only me and that is my tremendous electrical power

19. My assurance isn’t about if somebody will like me, it is continue to figuring out my truly worth and staying okay when a person does not like me. 

20. Conclusions establish destiny. The top secret of my achievements lies in my everyday regimen. 

21. Issues really don’t fulfill me. People today, interactions and making recollections do. 

22. What other folks say about me is none of my business because it has far more to do with them, their daily life activities and what they know, than me or who I seriously am.  

23. It is okay to say no.

24. Lifetime is active and complete of conclusions of where by to expend time. You will often have to disappoint another person. Really don’t allow it be your partner or young children. Be alright with disappointing another person who isn’t in your main circle. 

25. Never be extraordinary with in which you spend your time working on a target, or aspiration. Instead, be dedicated and consistent. 

26. It is okay to working day desire. You’re genuinely meditating , visualizing your future, your desires and manifesting it. Continue to keep working day dreaming!! 

27. Be kind, everyone is going as a result of a battle you know nothing at all about. 

28. A reliable and spiritual pores and skin treatment regime pays off 

29. Allow oneself choose a split to refuel and recharge, It’s important.

xo, Rach


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