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So, your jeans are far too very long for you and you really do not want to go to the tailor and devote funds on this basic alteration? That is an regrettable situation indeed, but it’s not a motive for you to be down. If you really don’t want to go to the tailor then just do the hemming yourself.

It could possibly seem hard and time-consuming but it actually isn’t. As long as you have a sewing machine that can manage denim and a bit of endurance, you will be able to do it. The manufacturer’s hem will stay and your jeans won’t be way too lengthy for you any longer.

How to hem jeans

Here’s a tutorial that exhibits you how you can hem denims devoid of dropping the first hem.

Step 1: Make a decision how substantially you want to shorten them

Stand in front of a mirror even though wearing heels and decide how very long you want your jeans to be. Really don’t forget about, it’s improved to depart them a tad for a longer time than to make them way too small. Unless of course it’s skinny denims we’re conversing about due to the fact they sit above the shoe line.

Critical Take note: In no way shorten your jeans prior to they’ve been washed and dried at least twice as they may shrink and finish up also quick. Keep in mind – a very little way too extensive is still much better than a little far too brief.

Step 2: Fold up the hem and pin

How to Hem Jeans

Fold the jeans legs to your ideal size and pin them in location. Evaluate the size from the hem to the fold but really do not include the hem in those people measurements. Divide that by two, then fold and pin the legs in accordance to that. Set pins in them all the way around.

This concludes the preparing function, now you can continue to stitching and slicing.

Stage 3: Sew down below the hem

how to hem jeans and keep the original stitching

Thread your equipment with standard stitching thread, established it for straight sew, and change it to no cost-arm extra to make managing the jeans simpler. Put your zipper foot on an go the needle so it sits on the outside of the foot right up coming to the original hem.  Start off stitching as near as attainable to the primary hem. Try out to retain the cloth flat, you never want to make a crooked sew. Eliminate the pins as you go.

Stage 4: Trim and finish the raw edge

When you finish carrying out this, you will detect how considerably excessive cloth you have. Slash off almost everything beneath the sew you just designed. If you have a serger device, use it to give the uncooked edge a nice end that will avoid it from fraying. If not, a zig zag sew will do the position fine as perfectly.

Step 5: Push and topstitch (optional)

How to hem jeans so they look exactly like new

Use a clothing iron to straighten out the edge you just made. Then you may perhaps want to secure the hem at the side seams. To do so, topstitch above the hem, or extremely close to it, if you know how to sew in the ditch.

Repeat for the other leg

All you need to have to do now is to repeat the very same method for the 2nd leg of your denims.

With this, your denims are formally hemmed, and you succeeded in trying to keep the primary hem intact.

I hope that you preferred this brief tutorial and that you come across it useful. If you did, demonstrate it to your friends who have troubles finding jeans that aren’t too extended for them. As long as we’re encouraging our fellow stitching fans, we’re undertaking our career properly.

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How to hem jeans so they look professional as you don't lose the original hem


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