7 tips how to unclog a sink

Do you have a clogged sink? The problem may not be as simple as you think and it may be up to 2 floors lower in the apartment building, so you will need an obstruction specialist Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου.

I have personally tried to unblock the sink in many ways. At first I started with Tuboflo. After 4 Tuboflo I ended up in steel with the help of a plumber friend. Unclog a sink with these 7 small tips!

After we got close to dismantling the house along with the external sewer pipes, we realized that blocking the sink was not a simple thing. Eventually I called Apofraxeis Antoniou in Athens and in a short time a young plumber had blocked the pipes 15 meters deep!

After we got close to dismantling the house in the air, together with the external sewer pipes, we realized that blocking the sink was not a simple thing!

The steel we used with the plumber friend was only 6 meters! The steel used by Apofraxeis Antoniou was 60 meters! Eventually we blocked the gutter and pipes and with the help of a special pressure we opened the cross section and cleaned all the grease.

The difference in blocking time was huge. My friend the plumber and I did 4 hours for nothing, the plumber from Apofraxeis Antoniou took only 40 minutes!

This is how my acquaintance with the company Apofraxeis Antoniou began, an acquaintance that lasted for years because I was very happy with three basic things. Expertise, service and reasonable prices on blockages and all their services in general.

By the way, fat is the most insidious material to clog your sink, your bathroom or your kitchen in general. It is also the most difficult to block.

So I decided to write this article about blockages, giving you 7 tips how to unclog a sink!

1. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance can save your pipes, wells and save you from a major blockage. It will also reduce your costs if you are a large business.

2. Trust Apofraxeis Antoniou

I emphasize that better work is not done by someone who is not an expert. Even if it is plumbing, it will not have the machines to do the work of blocking you.

3. Appropriate blocking tools

The appropriate blocking tools besides steel are the camera and the water pressure hose for long distances. You will not find specialized blocking tools anywhere else except the specific blockages.

Only the specialized and specialized workshop, such as Apofraxeis Antoniou, will do your job quickly and efficiently at low cost.

4. Valid blockage

The blockage must be made on time or before it is completely blocked. It is better to make a blockage before the sink, the bathroom or the toilet is completely clogged, than when the plugging has already taken place and the water has started to overflow and break the building and the tiles.

5. Logical unblocking charge

Price is easily forgotten while quality stays forever is a classic saying. In blockages, however, both the reasonable price of blocking and the first quality work that will make you remember it apply. Never start a blockage without first having a clear cost or order of magnitude.

Blocking is a service whose cost is measured in hours and equipment to be used. So a specially trained workshop will save you a lot of time and money!

6. Duration

How long does a blockage last? That is, when will blocking be needed again? If we need to block every three months, something is wrong. You probably need to change either the pipes or the blockage workshop!

7. Service

Immediate and professional service is everything. It is also a matter of chemistry and blockages. If you don’t like someone, you just don’t like them again.

Find professionals who are really happy to serve you! I’m not saying that you will block the well on purpose for αποφρακτική Αντωνίου to come, but I would call them again, just because I like them as a person, they are professional!

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