Drawing lessons for children

In the new enriched visual arts program –ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα– for children, students will have the opportunity to experiment with painting through music and sounds, in addition to the painting lesson and the movement and painting.

Students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich musical work of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc. They will practice distinguishing the sounds of the instruments, the melodic lines and the sounds that support it. Finally, they will “transform” the sound and music into an image through painting in the absolutely unique way that they perceive it and want to describe it with shapes, colors and lines.

The aim of the lesson is for the children to acquire stimuli, to create motivations by combining the arts, spontaneously expressing the new information of sound and music as a source of inspiration for their own compositions.

Movement and Painting for Kids

The core of employment is an original idea for children. This is the combination of Motion and Painting where in the context of this activity children will have the opportunity through a variety of creative games to move and create at the same time !!! When they hover and paint on the floor and walls at the same time – in a space designed exclusively for them – and when they dream and then depict their dreams by various means.

Here are some of the activities that your children will participate in when they come to our school.

1 + 1 = Let’s go together

Group table. A game that develops children’s cooperation and teamwork. Each child adds their own touch to the creation of a painting.

The flying pencils

Construction. A fun swinging game that leaves children feeling free when using drawing pencils.
Painting dreams

After appropriate theatrical play exercises, the children are asked to capture their dreams and thoughts. This game helps a lot in the development of the child’s expressiveness.
Eh and what happened that the horses are green…

After presenting to the children, through pictures, the natural color of animals, plants and objects, we encourage them to choose the color they want, thus enhancing the originality and uniqueness of their thinking.
Waiting for the pen

Game for the correct distribution of time in activities. Children draw with pencils, erase and redraw until it’s time… pen
The Wizard of Rose

Color mixing and new techniques

Mixing the colors we create a new color. The game helps children understand how a new form is produced through composition. The talking sheet as an activity for children while painting. Playing with shadows. With the help of a sheet and a lamp, shadows of animals, plants, etc. are born. Children realize that with simple means, an impressive result can be created.

Collage with collages

A game for the development of children’s synthetic ability. Children experiment with colors and different painting techniques. They discover the combinations of colors, shapes guided by their imagination and personal inspiration.

Program starting dates

The program of activities starts in September and continues until the end of the school year. Children from the age of 7 have the opportunity to participate. Special prices apply for registrations of 2 children.

It is also possible for those parents who wish, to attend the corresponding section (adult painting) at the same time as their child at a preferential price! Classes are held every Saturday from 10.00 am. until 12:00 p.m. Safety rules for the use of materials are observed. There is a possibility to visit the School of Fine Arts and various museums, but also to create exhibitions with works of students.

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