Everything you need to know about fire curtains

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is a fire. Security doors provide fire resistance but fire curtains are the best choice for a complete solution. The reason we call it that is simply because fire can not only destroy everything inside a building but also cost human lives.

Here we must remember that the danger is not only the fire itself but also the smoke which can prove to be even more dangerous as it is not uncommon for someone to find shelter from the fire but to die from the smoke and other fumes.

So fire safety as you can understand is so important for a store or a business in general that it is mandatory by law to have measures to protect its customers and employees from the fire. It goes without saying that tools such as fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers can help a lot when a fire starts to quickly spread, but they are not the only means.

Fire doors are also required by law and help to create spaces safe from fire and smoke. The problem with fire doors / shutters, however, is that they can be placed in specific places – in passages. But what about larger spaces, especially if they are open? In this case the solution is fire curtains. Let’s see what you need to know about them.

What are fire curtains?

Curtains are exactly what their name says. That is, they are curtains made of special fireproof materials. Their purpose is to delay the progress of the fire but also to redirect the smoke or to create the most appropriate conditions for the timely and safe evacuation of the space by staff and customers.

The advantage of the fire curtain is that it can be placed almost anywhere and serve almost any fire safety design. When these fire safety devices are deactivated, they are usually gathered in a roll, at which time they take up minimal space while they are not perceived by the customers, at which point the aesthetics of the space is not affected.

How does the fire curtain work?

The fire curtain is a relatively simple mechanism, in essence it works in the same way as an awning, but it opens vertically and not parallel to the ground. The curtain is, as we said, rolled up and a special mechanism – which can simply be a weight – undertakes to lower it immediately as soon as the fire breaks out.

Curtains can be automatic or manual. In other words, they can be controlled by the fire brigade and go down as soon as it is activated or with the push of a button. Of course, both methods are often used for maximum security.

What to look out for when buying fire curtains

The first thing to look out for is to have a certification that clearly states the security time it can offer. This is the most important and of course this is what largely determines its price, as we will see above.

So you should always prefer certified products to be sure that if needed they will actually offer security.

What are the prices for fire curtains?

As we said before, prices are mainly determined by the existence of certification for the durability of the material. The longer the security time provided by a curtain, the higher its cost.

In addition, the price is affected by the control and activation system of the fire curtain. In any case, it is very likely that you will get special offers if you choose to a buy fire security door, as each fire curtain is usually sold individually.

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